Orchard Collaboration

Orchard Collaboration is a free, open source ticketing system, project management and collaboration framework build on top of the Orchard CMS. It natively integrates with Orchard CMS and extends its features by allowing its users to collaboratively work on the content or by simplifying communication with the customers.

Orchard Collaboration 2.6 is available under MIT license! The source code is published on Github website. This version is compatible with the Orchard 1.10.1.  You can find the source here.

GIT Integration

  • Connect to GIT Server
  • Automatically attach GIT Commits to tickets
  • Provide necessary Workflow Action for furthur customization of GIT integration

SVN Integration

  • Connect to SVN Server
  • Automatically attach SVN Commits to tickets
  • Provide necessary Workflow Action for furthur customization of SVN integration

Project Management

  • Milestones per project
  • Milestone Planning
  • Wikis per project
  • Discussions per project
  • Tickets & issues per project
  • Customizable Project dashboard
  • Activity-Stream per project, user
  • Cardwall
  • Permissions controls per project
  • Invite customers to projects
  • Add custom sub-sections to projects
  • follow / unfollow project items
  • ...

Ticket Management

  • Email Ticketing
  • Dynamic Email Templates
  • Automatic & customizable Email replies
  • Automatic Email notification
  • Custom ticket forms, custom ticket fields
  • Add watchers to tickets
  • Automatic ticket assignment using workflows
  • Commenting & discussion on tickets
  • Create/relate tickets to the other items in the system
  • Unlimited level of tickets
  • Flexible mechanism to assign/share tickets

Sugar Integration

  • Import projects from Sugar
  • Export projects to Sugar
  • Import tasks of projects from Sugar
  • Export tasks of projects to Sugar
  • Link Customers with Contacts in Sugar

Content Management

Use all of the other features provided by Orchard CMS such as custom menus, pages, layouts, Blogs, news, custom lists, custom queries, third party modules, taxonomies, tags, themes ...

Integration with other services

One of the great benefits of Orchard is modularity. Orchard CMS already contains lot of third party modules that can empower your system. You can also easily develop your own modules and integrate them with your OrchardCollaboration portal. For example, by the help of custom module, your users can integrate the related data from the other software and services in your OrchardCollaboration portal & vise versa.


The ability to automate the processes is a key feature in nowadays systems. Orchard provides a mature workflow engine to target that and OrchardCollaboration is fully integrated with it. By extending the original workflow engine with custom / necessary activities, OrchardCollaboration provides a simple to use mechanism to automate the process & request management. It helps you create your own specific workflows suitable for your business in minutes.