Next Versions

Here is the list of the features that I have in mind for the next releases. There is no guarantee that all of these features will be implemented. Also the list here is a matter of change)

  • Portlets for the Project Dashboard. If you take a look at project dashboard, you will see four sections there regarding tickets summaries, latest discussions, latest activities in the project, and latest tickets. In this version, there are four hard-coded section in the project dashboard. But by implementing Portlets, user has the option to select the sub-sections of project-dashboard from a predefined list of portlets. It also means he/she can create new Portlets and add them to the list too. (Project-dashboard right now is an Orchard Container and someone who has some knowledge in Orchard can change the items inside it without writing any code, but it is not user-friendly).
  • Milestones per Project
  • Custom sub-sections per Project. Currently, each project has the following sub-sections: Tickets, Discussions, and Wikis. Theoretically, any ContentType in Orchard can be attached to a project and can be part of a project (By adding AttachToProjectPart to the ContentType), But currently, the menus in the user-interface are hard-coded.
  • Real-time notification for Activity-stream
  • Time-tracking
  • Reporting