OrchardCollaboration is build on top of the Orchard CMS. The diagram below illustrates the relationship between OrchardCollaboration modules and Orchard CMS.

OrchardCollaboration is made of two main modules which are added to the Orchard CMS. OrchardCollaboration and OrchardCollaboration.Project.

OrchardCollaboration contains an integrated ticketing system, email templates, required workflow activities, activity-stream recorder and access right checker. Each Ticket in the module is an Orchard ContentItem, which means each ticket inherits all of the features provided by the Orchard for ContentItems. For example, tickets can contain customized fields, or additional ContentParts can be added to the Ticket Type. Unlike the other ContentItems, the module uses its own controllers for doing CRUD operations on tickets. The reason behind it is having the flexibility in customizing the CRUD operations outside limitations of the admin dashboard. Of course, the tickets are compatible with the rest of the Orchard and in case of providing required privileges, one can edit the tickets in the admin dashboard in the same way, he/she edits the other ContentItems, but the controllers of the module provides additional required functionalities that are necessary for the ticketing systems.

OrchardCollaboration.Project is build on top of the OrchardCollaboration. It provides Project management, Wikis, Discussions, Activity-Stream per project.