In this post, I will show you how to use Orchard Collaboration in order to simplify the communication & management while you are working on your content. By collaboration, I mean the ability to create new tickets for Content Items, view the status of the tickets per Content Item, commenting on the tickets, create sub-tasks and etc.

Orchard Collaboration introduces a new Part called TicketsForContentItemPart. You should add it to any ContentType that you want to use ticketing on it. In this post, I will add it to the “Page” ContentType. The steps are simple, if you are an expert in Orchard, you can ignore the next section.

Add TicketsForContentItemPart to the Page ContentType

  1. First, in the Orchard Dashboard, navigate to the "Content Definition".

  2. Second, in the Content Type list, please scroll down to reach the Page Content Type, and then click on its "Edit" link.

  3. In the "Edit Content Type - Page" window, click on "Add Part" button.

  4. In the "Add Parts To Page" window, tick the checkbox of "Tickets For Content Item" part and click on Save button.

  5. In the "Edit Content Type - Page" window, click on the Save button too.

Now, the Page type has the TicketsForContentItemPart. Next, create a new Page and navigate to its View mode. You can see that in the button of the page, there is a Tickets icon. If you hover the mouse on it, you will see the tickets menu for the Page. The first one is for creating a new ticket for the page. If you click on it, you will be navigated to the "Create Ticket" page where you can create a new ticket for the page. The other ones show the number of the tickets per status. For example, if you click on the "New tickets" menu, you will be navigated to the list of the tickets with the status "New" for the given page.

If you noticed, there is a small icon on top left corner of the page. By clicking on this icon, you can hide all of the ticket related menus on bottom of the ContentItems. By clicking again on it, you can make the Tickets icon visible again.

Now, lets create a new Ticket for the page by clicking on the "Add ticket" button which navigates you to the "Create ticket" page. Here on top of the page, you can see the information about the content that the ticket is related to that. There are also "Publish", "View" and "Edit" links which enables you to to publish/unpublish the related content (which was a Page), navigate to it, or edit it.

In the Title of the Ticket, please type "Test Ticket", in the bottom of the page, assign it to one of your operators or Business Units, select the Status as "New" and finally press the Save button. If you return back to the page that the ticket is created for, you can see that now, there is a New ticket for the page.

By clicking on the "New Tickets" link, we can see the list of the new tickets for the page.

Here, by clicking on any ticket, you can navigate to the ticket detail page where you can edit the ticket, add note/comment to it, attach/detach files to it, create sub-tickets etc.

In the ticket detail page or in this page, you can also share/assign Ticket/Tickets with the other agents/Business Units.

That is it!