• Version 2.6 is released

    Version 2.6 includes integration with GIT and SVN. For more information, please you can visit this http://orchardcollaboration.com/new-modules-git-and-svn-connector. It also includes some bug fixes.

  • ReactJS and Orchard Collaboration, Part 1

    It is a while that I didn’t touch this web-blog. Now, finally I have time to write some posts regarding technical parts of Orchard Collaboration. In this post, I go into the detail of using Reactjs inside Orchard Collaboration. Few months ago, I demo the idea in the Orchard weekly meeting, but I didn’t have time to write about it.

    Orchard as a CMS, is very flexible in generating Content. Orchard Views are based on Shape pattern. Shapes provide a flexible mechanism to render any kind of data. A …

  • Version 2.5 is released

    This version includes the following new changes

    Upgrade to Orchard 10.1

    Configurable Sidebar widget. There are plenty build-in portlets for the sidebar widget. Professional users can create their own portlets too

    Admin Quick Links.

    Cleaning the Bootstrap theme.

  • Version 2.2 is released!

    Version 2.2 is released!

    Version 2.2 includes the following features:

    Milestones per Project

    Cardwall for milestones

    Milestone Planning

    Orchard menus for Projects (It means users now can customize Project menus)

  • Features in the next release (2.2)

    Features in the next release (2.2)

    Here are the list of the features I have in mind for the next release. This list is a matter of change depends on many factors!

    Milestones for Projects. By Milestones, I am talking about a feature that allows users to split the work in a project into milestones. Each milestone will have a start and end date, users will be able to move tasks and tickets from backlog to the milestones and vice versa, they will be able to order the tickets and tasks inside …

  • Version 2.1 is released!

    Version 2.1 is released!

    Version 2.1 includes the following features:

    Customiziable Dashboard for each project using portlets

    Ability to add/remove portlets to the Project Dashboard

    Ability to sort the portlets in the Project Dashboard

    Imporve the UI (Css / HTML) of the project menus

    Provides UI for a couple of projection-filters such as ProjectFilter, AttachToProjectFilter, and FolderFilter

    Fix the issues of existing projection-filters

    Fix some bugs

  • Next Versions

    Next Versions

    Here is the list of the features that I have in mind for the next releases. There is no guarantee that all of these features will be implemented. Also the list here is a matter of change)

    Portlets for the Project Dashboard. If you take a look at project dashboard, you will see four sections there regarding tickets summaries, latest discussions, latest activities in the project, and latest tickets. In this version, there are four hard-coded section in the project dashboard. But …

  • Version 2.0 is released

    Version 2.0 is released

    This version includes stand-alone installation, Project Management, Wiki Management, Discussions per Project, Bootstap Theme and...

  • Orchard.Reporting module

    Orchard.Reporting module

    The module allows you represent the data of Orchard queries in Piecharts. As I started working on reporting for OrchardCollaboration, I thought it is good idea to implement it in general way, so that it can be used for other purposes, however the module is not yet integrated with OrchardCollaboration. In the post here, I explained how to use the module. In the next versions, I will integrate it with OrchardCollaboration.

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