Orchardcollaboration provides the option to integrate with Sugar (CRM Product of SugarCRM). The integration includes the following features.

  • Import Projects and their tasks from Sugar
  • Export Projects & their tasks to Sugar
  • Import users from Sugar
  • Link the Customers of OrchardCollaboration with the Contacts of Sugar

How to enable Sugar integration.

When you run the Orchardcollaboration 2.3 for the first time, you will have the option to select the installation recipe. Currently, there are two installation recipes. One is the default recipe of Orchardcollaboration, the other one is called “OrchardCollaboration - Sugar/Suite CRMs Integration”.


By selecting the second recipe, the system installs necessary modules and creates required menus for Sugar integration. After the installation, Admin users will be able to see Sugar link in the main top menu. In the homepage, they can also see the message that the Sugar integration is not configured.


By clicking on the link in the Homepage or the menu on top-bar, user will be navigated to the setting page where he/she can configure Sugar database connection.


How to sync the projects

Importing/Exporting projects from/to Sugar is very easy. By clicking on the Sugar link on the top menu, user is navigated to the Sync Projects page.


Here, on the left side, there are OrchardCollaboration projects, on the right-side, there are Sugar projects. Syncing can be done easily by clicking on the Sync icons available per row. By clicking on the Sync icon in the header, user has the option to copy all of the projects visible in the current page. By default, pagination is based on the Sugar projects. You can change that by clicking on the “OrchardCollaboration Project” link in the header of the table. By clicking on the Sync links, a pop-up window appears that asks user about syncing options such as Syncing tickets, Syncing sub-tickets,...

How to Sync Users

Syncing users is similar to syncing the projects. The main difference is, you can import users from Sugar, but you can not add users of Orchardcollaboration to the Sugar. It is accessible from the Sugar link in the Top link-bar. After navigating to that page, you need to click on Users section in the top header.


Here, you can see the users of Sugar and their corresponding Orchard users in case of syncing previously. By clicking on the sync button for any user, the system asks you to provide the default password. Users can change the default password, when they sign in into the system.

Linking Customer users with the Contacts in Sugar

Orchardcollaboration links the customer users with the Contacts of Sugar based on their emails. It means, if a user with the email aaa@bbb.com  exists on the Orchardcollaboration and there is a Contact with the same email in Sugar, then Orchardcollaboration link them together. By linking, you will be able to navigate directly from any Ticket created by that user to the related Contact in Sugar.